::It's Our Hearts Little Grave..::

::And the Salt In Our Wounds..::

.::Homicidal Angel of Prophecy::.
18 October


{+About+} La Li HO!!My name is Melba but I'd prefer it if you call me Shuichi.I'm more fond of it.=3.I'm 14 years old in the 8th grade in this crazy school called Clark Middle High School.I live in Hammond Indiana a pretty decent place.Nothing ever happens nothing ever comes...This my journal.As you can see I've made it "FRIENDS ONLY."But you know the rountine just comment me and I'll add you straight back.

Haha,there's a reason behind why they call me Shuichi!I'm a happy go-lucky,bubbly,friendly,fun loving and energytic,care-free kinda girl.Though I have alot of problems in my life.And alot of emotional stress I maintain a happy outlook.I'm pressured by a lot of suicidal thoughts at times.And I'm hurt a lot in life by others who try to put me down but simply can't all the time.

I'm one of the most nicest girls you'd ever met.Though I may seem mean aggravated and at times.It's just another one of my phases<333>I mean no harm.~I also have to warn you.I'm one of the BIGGEST yaoi/shonen-ai fangirls there is!So if you don't approve of it I suggest you turn back now before your eyes get terribly burned

{+Loves+} Gravitation,Demon Diary,Confidential Confessions,Fake,Rurouni Kenshin,Naruto,Under The Glass Moon,Eirie Queerie,Tenchi Muyo,Inuyasha,Ranma 1/2,Cardcaptor Sakura,Gunslinger Girl,Beserk,Full Metal Alchemist,Macross 7,Spirited Away,Kiki's Delivery Service,Revolutionary Girl Utena,x/1999,His and Her Circumstances,King Of Bandits,Immortal Blade,Strawberry Pocky,Singing,Drawing,Anime,Bi-shonens,Goths,Punkers,Joel Madden,Benji Madde,Billie Joe Armstrong,Japan,Harajuku,Acting REALLY stupid,Running in Rain,Music,Prayer Beads,Jelly Braclets,Shindou Shuichi,Eiri Yuki,Cloud Strife,Sora,Sagara Sanosuke,Himura Kenshin,Dave Collins

{+Hates+} I like to avoid"hate."I heard once that hate can turn a person's heart to stone.And I believe that's true.XD.I like to avoid it but I just can't help myself dislikely strongly for some people.I Really do HATE this one stupid bitch in my 8th grade but I won't say her name.I'll probably mention out of nowhere in my journal for a laugh how much I hate her XD.Judgemental people,Shallow guys,Cheaters,Liars,Hyprocites,Cynitha R.Oh and this one fag called Omar!Hehehe.

{+About Shuichi’s Journal+} A friend introduced me to this site about 2 years ago.While I was in the 7th grade.I didn't start right away on this journal.<lj user=yoursweet666+x>

{+Idol+} Okay here's the thing! SexyWell yep!I own Shuichi Shindou's ass! Next to Yuki of course.XDGot that!~And as for Yuki and Cloud!So back off!~J/k But Seriously Shu-chan is mine*glomps on him*Uhehehe*sneaks over to Cloud and pounces on him*So is he!<3

Eiri Yuki is novelist love

FLCL is hard-core love

Full Metal Alchemist is love

Momiji is bunny love

Kagura is crazy love

Gravitation is yaoi love

H.I.M. is Join Me Love
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Edward Scissorhands is unfinished love.

by this_is_fucked

The Nightmare Before Christmas is haunting love.

by this_is_fucked

Kurama/Yusuke is Caring Love

Kurama/Hiei is Angsty Love

Louis and Lestat are love

Lestat and Louis are Hot Love
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Riku x Sora is Paopu Love~<3

Axel is freakin' smexy Love~<3

Riku x Sora is first Love~<3

Tsuzuki X Hisoka is angsty empathetic Love~<3

afi, alk3, angels, anime, bammargera, billie joe armstrong, blackeyeliner, blacknailpolish, blink 182, blood, bonnie pink, boxcutters, brad pitt, candy, cats, chains, chester bennington, chobits, choker necklaces, cky, cloud strife, concerts, confidential confessions, cowboy becop, cradle of filth, d.n.angel, dance dance revolution, dave, davey havok, demon diary, demons, disturbed, do as infinity, dream, edgar allan poe, edward sciccorhands, eerie queerie, electricguitars, falloutboy, fanart, fanfictions, final fantasy, fire, flcl, fullmetal alchemist, gloves, good charlotte, goths, gravitation, greenday, hack//sign, halloween, harajuku, harry potter, heartagram, him, his and her circumstances, hot pink, hot topic, hybrid theory, inuyasha, jack skellington, jackass, japan, jelly braclets, joel madden, johnny homicidal maniac, judy and mary, kiki's delivery service, kill hannah, king of bandits, kingdom hearts, lain, lavalamps, led-zepplin, less than jake, lestat, linkin park, mad soldiers, maki murakami, marilyn manson, masami okui, mat devine, metero, movies, music, my chemical romance, naruto, nightmare before christmas, ninja scroll, ninjas, no doubt, orange juice, pandas, papa roach, photography, poetry, ramen, rammestein, real about high school, rebels, revolutionary girl utena, roleplay, rooftops, rurouni kenshin, sally, samurai warriors, samuria, sanoxkenshin, shadows, shonen jump, shonenai, shopping, shuichi shindou, simple plan, singing, skateboards, skulls, slipknot, soccer, soul caliber, southpark, spirited away, st.jimmy, sugarcult, t.a.t.u, t.m.revolution, taking back sunday, the lost boys, the pillows, the yellow monkey, thriller, thunderstorms, tim burton, trigun, under the glass moon, utada hikari, vampire chronicles, vampires, video games, ville valo, vincent, viva la bam, water, wind, witches, x/1999, yaoi, yugi-oh, yuki x shuichi